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  • Premium Icons
  • Premium Illustrations
  • Premium Elements
  • Premium Emojis

Full Access



How many team members?

Access to

  • Premium Icons

  • Premium Illustrations

  • Premium Elements

  • Premium Emojis




How many team members?

Access to

  • Premium Icons




How many team members?

Access to

  • Premium Illustrations

All paid plans include

All formats

Export as SVG, large PNG, JSX, PDF or ZIP

Color editor

Recolor, adjust transparency, and set background color quickly

Figma plugin

Simply drag & drop assets onto your Figma or Figjam canvas.

Scale to any size

Resize in pixel-perfect detail or activate responsive mode

Brand palette

Store your brand colors in Streamline and recolor faster

Desktop app for Mac

Drag and drop assets to your design tools and code editors


Save assets for future use and to share with your team

Global color

Quickly adjust an entire set to match your brand colors.

New assets added weekly

New sets, improved designs, and expanded libraries auto added

Bulk download

Multi-select and download upto 100 assets as a ZIP file

Edit vector line and paths

Customize in our app and in your vector design apps

Custom designs

Can’t find something in our library? We might make it for you

Extended License and Enterprise Plans

  • Embed assets and extend the license to your end users

  • Discounts for very large teams

  • Use more than 100 icons or 50 illustrations per project

  • Use more than 100 icons or 50 illustrations in your brand libraries

Frequently asked questions

How many team member seats do I need?

Each team member who accesses our software via the Streamline web app, plugins, desktop app should have their own license. Read more about the pricing . Additional seats can be added at checkout or later from your account page.

Have more questions?

Is there a lifetime deal available?

The problem with all lifetime deal software is the product will stagnate and customer support will cease to exist. But if you care about having an ever-improving library with an in-house design team who you can request custom icons or illustrations from, then our subscription is the right choice.

Still, we understand that some of you prefer to store assets locally or in Iconjar. You have the option to purchase a few sets individually but without any updates, customer support or access to our software.

Products built with Streamline

The only icon set I've ever used.

...And the only one I will ever use. No regrets and not even worth looking at other ones.

Tobias van Schneider

@Semplice + @MyMind

“Our friends at Streamline just added new icons to their already massive collection, and we're obsessed 🤩“



“Streamline has been my go-to icon source for years, now with illustrations. It works perfectly with my workflow in Figma and Webflow. The quality is that of a French student's penmanship — a world-class craft.“

“A couple of years ago, I started using Streamline. Why? - They are excellent quality. Well drawn. Multi-format. - They’re conventional. In a good way. They don’t try to reinvent the wheel. - HUGE collection. Every use-case accounted for.”

“Streamline is simply the most comprehensive and versatile UI set on the market (and I have tried many!).”

Emiland de Cubber