100,000 icons, illustrations and emoji for all your projects. Customize them to your brand in seconds.

If you want to speedup your workflow and create consistent designs, try the largest UI assets catalog ever made. More than 90,000 icons and illustrations, all built from scratch by our team, searchable through our Streamline app or plugins for Figma, Sketch and Adobe XD.

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Don't reinvent the icons, we have already created them for you.

With 14 different styles, an impressive choice of themes and 75,000 icons, you will always find the right icon set for your projects.

STREAMLINE LIGHT  | 10,650 icons
The classic iOS line icon style. 1px stroke on a 24px grid.
STREAMLINE BOLD  | 11,350 icons
A new solid style akin to the latest iOS icon guidelines. 2px stroke on a 24px grid.
A new minimal and geometric line style. 1.5px stroke on a 24px grid.
STREAMLINE COLORS  | 10,350 icons
A friendly colored style based on the Streamline Light icons, with reflections and shadings.
MINI Bold | 958 icons
The essential interface icons, based on a tiny 14px grid, so they can used with inline text.
MINI line  | 909 icons
The essential interface icons, based on a tiny 14px grid, so they can used with inline text.
A relaxed and friendly style, with two colors easy to adapt to your branding.
CYBER LINE  | 3,600 icons
If you liked the Tesla 'Cybertruck', you will love this angular style, using only straight lines.
CYBER DUOTONE  | 3,600 icons
A variation of our angular style with a shading color that you can modify within our app.
material LINE  | 4,000 icons
Minimal, bold and legible icons based on the official Material Design guidelines.
material SOLID  | 4,000 icons
Minimal, bold and legible icons based on the official Material Design guidelines.

“I own several icon sets but the one that I return to over and over is the copious Streamline pack, which almost always seems to have just the pictogram I need when I dig into its catalog.”


“The only icon set I've ever used. And the only one I will ever use. No regrets and not even worth looking at other ones.”


We don’t mean to toot our own horn, but...

Toot, toot.

A wide variety of notable companies have put Streamline to use in their products. From big banks to car manufactures, electronic companies, and more. The diversity of Streamline assets works well regardless of application.

Need great illustrations,
but cannot find an illustrator?

No worries. We’ve created 13 sets and more than 23,000 illustrations with the most used themes in applications and websites. Our illustrations are packed with personality. They may look fun and friendly, but they make some serious impact.

BROOKLYN  | 1,100 illustrations
A trendy and urban style, easy to adapt to your branding with the accent color.
barcelona  | 850 illustraTions
A creative style full of energy, fun and colors.
MILANO  | 930 illustrations
A minimal and delicate – almost poetic – style.
DJAKARTA | 220  illustrations
A cute and feminine style, with realistic proportions and vibrant colors.
TOKYO  | 60  illustrations
A more realistic style, that give priority to the clear lines, with subdued pastel colors.
STREAMLINE UX – MULTICOLOR  | 9,300  illustrations
A friendly and colorful style  ready-made to drop in slide decks, content and apps.
STREAMLINE UX – DUOTONE | 5,200  illustrations
With just a subtle splash of color, this style is perfect for adapting to your brand guidelines.
STREAMLINE UX - LINE  | 5,150  illustrations
A simple, lightweight style with all shading and background removed.
A fun and super Kawaii style! Inspired by the Japanese and Korean comic styles. 🌈🦄
An airy and abstract style, minimal and elegant. Easy to adapt to your branding or projects as it uses only two colors.
A flat and sharp style with vivid colors and a modern twist.
An urban style with realistic proportions and a smooth style. Easy to adapt to your branding as we use only three colors.
Inspired by the 'Ligne Claire' style popularized by the Belgian comic 'Tintin', it focus on the beauty and simplicity of line drawings, keeping the colors light and subtle.

"The streamline icon set saves me time and makes my designs more polished and more user friendly. It is worth every penny.”


“Streamline has a timeless, humanistic, yet personable quality that can be described as the Futura of icon sets. It's become the de facto standard set for all my design needs since its inception. A must-have for any designer toolkit.”


Works where you do. Crazy fast workflow.

We’ve developed from scratch our tools to browse, customize and quickly use our assets. Drop our icons and illustration right into your workflow without skipping a beat, no matter which software or file format you prefer.

Streamline App

Find the right icons and illustrations in seconds with our Web App. Browse, modify and download vectors straight from your browser. 


Focus on creating with our plugin to quickly search and insert our vectors within Figma. Download our Figma plugin to and get all our assets updates automatically.


Quickly search and insert our vectors within Sketch. Download our free Sketch plugin and get all our icons and illustrations updates automatically.


Quickly integrate our Streamline NPM Packages with any of your JS codebase projects: React, Vue, Angular, or Vanilla JS. Once you've setup the NPM package, you can easily copy and paste the icon/illustration code from the Streamline app to your JS code.

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Trusted by the world’s best makers and TEAMS

“Vincent's icons are unique, versatile, and easy to work with. I've found them to be super useful across a range of projects.”


“Streamline 3.0 is one of the most versatile and detailed icon packs I’ve ever used. The structure and hierarchy make it super easy to work with. This is an amazing product."


Streamline in action

Streamline was created to enhance any project you're working on. Doesn't matter if it's a website, a mobile app, or a slide deck... Our vector icons and illustrations suit all your needs.

Mobile apps

The new bold Streamline style works amazingly well for mobile apps. The style was largely inspired by the latest iOS icons guidelines, which feature nice bold shapes for optimal legibility. The grid of line icons at the top of this example are regular weight and the tab bar is using bold weight.


Thousands of designers, developers and companies use our icons and illustrations to give a consistent and professional look to their websites. Our icons and illustrations are easy to adapt to your branding colors, right from the Streamline app.

product onboarding

Give your users a first great impression. We have the largest collections of illustrations on the market, so you will find the right ones to illustrate your onboarding screens.


Our icons are perfect for your app navigation: consistent, legible and easily adaptable. You can even pair them with our large illustrations sets, we got all the themes represented to make your app looks friendly and unique.

graphic design

All our illustrations are made with vectors, so you can enlarge them to the largest size while keeping a perfect quality. They are lightweight and easy to customize to your publications colors.

Apple Watch apps

When you're designing interfaces, every single pixel matters. This is especially true when designing for tiny wearable screens. With our professional icons you can be certain that each little vector shape has been fine-tuned for maximum value.


Our illustrations sets include the most common themes used by makers, Saas, startups and companies. So you will find all the themes and subjects that you need for a convincing and memorable presentation.

Another icon set worth checking out. This one is from @webalys and it's insanely huge. Great for apps and marketing sites.

Steve Schoger
Designer – @tailwindcss

Streamline is simply the most comprehensive and versatile UI set on the market (and I have tried many!). As a presentation designer, I nearly use it on each one of my projects. Believe me, it will be the best money you will ever spend on design.

presentation DESIGNER

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Trusted by the world’s best makers and TEAMS